Our farm was established in 2012 to grow Japanese ingredients for Wasabi Restaurant & Bar. In Japan, many restaurants specialise in specific local cuisines that have evolved over the generations based only on ingredients that can be found in their local area. For the restaurant, we are trying to stay true to that concept and whilst still maintaining an entirely Japanese aesthetic, use as many locally grown elements as we can.

In 2015, we extended the number of garden beds to incorporate herbs and vegetables for use in The Cooking School Noosa and Ibento Boutique Event Space.


AkajisoRed Perilla   /  AshitabaTomorrow Leaf BiwaNagasakiwase Loquat  /  DaikonWhite Radish  /  FushimiJapanese Chilli  /  GoboBurdock Hakkan¬≠¬≠ouJapanese Menthol Hinoa KabuPurple Top Turnip Shiro KabuWhite Turnip Kamo NatsuKamo Heirloom Eggplant Kinome –  Japanese Prickly Ash KomatsunaMustard Spinach  Kyuri Oriental Cucumber KuwaMulberry  /  Misome –  Japanese All-season Green MibunaKyo Yasai Original Green  /  Mizuna –  Japanese Mustard  /  Mitsuba –   Japanese Parsley MomoPeach  /  MukagoJapanese Yam MyogaJapanese Ginger Flower NatsuguroBunching Onion ObaGreen Perilla OkahijikiLand Seaweed Tade Water Pepper Tokita’s NinjinScarlet Carrot Tokyo BekanaTokyo Mustard Sakata MeronSweet Melon Sansho Fruit from the Japanese Prickly Ash  /  Sato ImoJapanese Taro  /  Satsuma UmeRed Fleshed Plum SeriAsian Celery Leaf Shishito Japanese Chilli ShishitaganiA variety of Japanese Pumpkin  /  Shungiku Small Leaf Chrysanthemum

Photos of HoneySuckle Farm